PR Web Design Case Study

Tech, creativity and communication are the three key elements of Wildfire PR. They provide PR and marketing services to tech companies all over the world.

Wildfire craft stories for companies, campaigns and products and work with a huge range of clients, from big blue chips to small start up app developers.

Working within the technology sector, Wildfire needed a website that reflects the cutting edge style of the industry, and balance it with compelling storytelling.

What we did

  • Web Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Copy Writing
Wildfire PR Screenshot 3.jpg

Catching Fire

The idea that word spreads like Wildfire was the key to many of the design and strategy choices on the website. We also used colour across the site to call back to Wildfire as a concept and a brand, which gave the whole design a consistent feel and funky edge.

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Want to spread the word?

If you’ve just created a brand new app and want to get the word out, then you should speak to Wildfire. If you’re looking for a website that sparks the interest of your customers, then you need to get in touch with Edge of the Web.

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