There are many reasons why a woman can lose her hair, but one thing is almost always true. It’s a private, emotional and confidence draining issue for those concerned. With this project we looked for a way to help Rebecca connect with her audience with those issues in mind.

We advised a blog approach to this project. Building a rapport is key to establishing trust and confidence. A blog offers potential clients an anonymous and private way to follow Rebecca when compared to the public and exposing nature of social media.

The blog allows clients to get a personal insight into Rebecca over a period of time before they get in touch and tackle their own hair loss issues.

What we did

  • Web Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Photography
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Why Wordpress?

This website was principally planned around a blog. That means a blog based content management system would offer the most relevant functionality and for that reason Wordpress is the go-to platform.

Had this been a more traditional e-commerce or “brochure” style website, it’s unlikely we would have used wordpress.

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Ready for a new look?

Whilst Rebecca is busy giving the beautiful women of this world a new look, we are doing the same for the websites of companies, charities and organisations. Please get in touch if you are ready for your makeover.

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