Park Management Web Design Case Study

Greenspace Leisure work principally with local authorities through the UK to help rejuvenate our parks, which are often the first community facilities to suffer when budget cuts are necessary.

In presenting the Greenspace approach, which offers a viable and self funding business model to protect and preserve our parks, it was necessary to focus on our understanding of the constraints that councils face when tough decisions need to be made. The emphasis is on working with councils not against them, and therefore it was important to use language and concepts that demonstrate this sentiment.

What we did

  • Web Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Photography
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Confidence is key

When trying to win business from larger organisations like PLC’s or Councils, the elimination of risk is critical. With Greenspace we put a lot of emphasis on experience and examples of success in order to demonstrate a “safe pair of hands”.

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