Industrial Web Design Case Study

As one of the country's oldest family run companies, AE Williams has been supplying royalty, politicians and celebrities for centuries. The glamour of their customer base is, however, brilliantly juxtaposed by the gritty reality of life as a pewter craftsman.

We spent time in the factory learning about this British institution so we could do justice to our portrayal.

With this project we decided to abandon our instinct for corporate gloss to provide an intimate insight into the business and the personality within it. We didn’t hide the flaws or the wrinkles, we brought attention to them. They are badges of skill and craftsmanship earned over centuries of refinement and graft.

What we did

  • Web Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Photography
AE Williams Screenshot 3.jpg

Make it an experience

We thought of this website as a tour of the facility, not dissimilar to the experience you may have if you visited Cadbury’s World or the Black Country Living Museum.

This approach influenced many design and content structure decisions and ensured a comprehensive insight into the company.

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Ready to break the mould?

Whilst AE Williams still cast incredible pewterware from moulds over 400 years old, Edge of the Web bring a fresh approach to every project.

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