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Driving with Dogs is a website that provides users with information about where to walk their dogs when taking them on long car journeys. Their existing website had a huge amount of content that was fantastic, and it had inspired a loyal membership base in the thousands.

But there were a few problems. Their website was a decade old and was starting to creak. The CMS was becoming unusable, the website used flash, and wasn't mobile or tablet friendly. The process for retrieivng the content wasn't ideal either - and it meant that some users simply never got to appreciate how valuable the website could be for dog owners.

We started off with surveys of existing members to find out what they wanted, and why they didn't use the website more. We allowed the results of these surveys to steer our direction. In the end, we decided to overhaul the entire website, brand, membership system - the lot.

What we did

  • Bespoke Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom CMS
  • Branding
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Bone-afied success

We implemented a route planner which allowed users to see which walks would be en-route to their destination. Not only that, we implemented geolocation technology to enable users to see what dog walks were near their current location, within a selected radius.

We also added gamification to the website to encourage users to add their own content, review listings and more. Users are rewarded with "Treat Points", which can earn them real life rewards and free Premium memberships. Users are ranked on a Leaderboard, to encourage competition.

The new website has been met with fantastic approval from the existing userbase, and has also increased new memberships by 35% in the first month alone. This has been one of our favourite projects of all time.

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