edge of the web is rubbish ...so we make websites...at dancing
Edge of the web
So we make websites.
by day, Hannah is a client manager...
....but when hannah drinks a mojito, she becomes...
edge of the web is rubbish ........................... ...at christmas parties

least rubbish at web design

We’ve annoyed a lot of people with our diverse range of services. Some folks, like those below, did appreciate our web stuff at least.

"We'll never let Edge of the Web near the buttons and levers of our control centre again, but we've been delighted with their web services."

"The latest RAF Typhoon jet fighter is definitely not safe in the hands of Edge of the Web, the squadron's website could not be in safer hands however."

"You would be wise not to call on Edge of the Web when your life is in danger. Even wiser still to call on them when you do need a website. Thanks for your help."

"Edge of the Web made a total mess of our local refuse collection, but they cleaned up on our website project."

Search Engines are Rubbish

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