Facial Aesthetics Web Design Case Study

Botox, Fillers, Teeth Whitening….everyone has an opinion about it. One thing remains universally true however. If you are going to have it done, you want to have absolute trust in the person carrying out the procedure.

With this website we wanted our strategy to go beyond the obvious fact that our client is a qualified medical practitioner, because in this field, that isn’t such a differentiator. We developed an intimate website featuring lifestyle photography to allow potential clients to start building a relationship with Rima before they even picked up the phone.

What we did

  • Web Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Photography
Visage Clinic Screenshot 3.jpg

Looking beneath the surface

Understanding the motivations and concerns of your target audience is key to success in any project. Our preconceptions about the reasons people have for using facial aesthetics were quite wrong and would have harmed the potential of this website had we not kept an open mind.

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Rejuvenate your online presence

If the problem is physical, then you’d best contact Visage Clinic. If, however, it’s because your website is not representing your brand correctly, then call Edge of the Web today.

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