Technology Web Design Case Study

Chakray are a company at the forefront of WSO2 technology. This middleware technology allows companies to build bridges between their systems, so it’s perfect for large, complex organisations, global companies and governments.

WSO2 is all about communication and connection between different systems, like complexity in motion. We wanted to visualise that concept across the site through movement and transitions that really enhance the site’s design as well as the messages it conveys.

What we did

  • Web Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Photography
Chakray Screenshot 3.jpg

Making a Move

We started with a murmuration - the way starlings flock and move together as one. Then we thought about the movement for each individual page on the site, and how each page would transition into the next. This seamless moving of different content is exactly what Chakray do for their clients. And it looks beautiful too!

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Does your website move you?

Chakray are making waves in WSO2 development, if your website’s no longer making an impact for your business, have a chat with Edge of the Web.

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