We have a really exciting vacancy!

Who would like an awesome job?

Well, hopefully, the most awesome person ever.

Here’s why you need to be awesome:

Aimee, our devoted client manager, is not devoted any more. She is going to leave.

Actually that’s not strictly true, I am one of Edge of the Web’s owners and Aimee is my sister who is (truly) awesome at customer services and client management. That’s why when Aimee came back from travelling the world a year ago, I asked if she would be willing to come and develop the client manager role for our business. We wanted to know what difference it would make to our business if we gave our customers the best level of service and care in the industry. I knew Aimee was the right person to help us find this out and consequently it has made a massive difference.

So…fast forward 1 year (and a couple of hundred websites) and it’s time for Aimee to move on. She has been travelling over 100 miles every day to be here in rain and snow, and really has become the face and voice of our business to our customers. Our loss is very much RightMove’s gain, but we always knew this day was coming.

That’s why you’ve got to be awesome. Because Aimee has been, our customers now expect it, and so do we.

So… why is the job so awesome?

The job is about being the glue that holds our business together. That’s not just one of those trivial statements you make to glamorise a rubbish job, this role really does now hold our company together.

Without our client manager we would:

  • Not be able to keep our promises to our existing customers
  • Not have time to return all the calls to the new enquiries we get
  • Not have time to meet with clients and discuss projects
  • Not have time to follow up with clients once projects are complete

In fact, what we would be is just like every other web design/development company that starts to grow… a bit of a mess when it comes to communication. Poor communication is the failing of so many businesses. That’s not going to be us.

Your awesome skills

Let’s talk about you for a minute. I guess it would be helpful to know something other than “you need to be awesome”.

You must be organised. We are very busy and you will end up burning out by your next birthday if you are not super efficient.

You must have the potential to understand exactly what we do. We want our client manager to eventually attend (or even lead) sales meetings that are often worth tens of thousands of pounds, but of course that can never happen unless you really know what you are talking about. This might not happen for a long time because it is a complicated product that we sell, but you must have the potential to learn. Of course, if you do know about web stuff already, that would be amazing.

We don’t need you to have a degree, or any specific qualifications, it’s much more important that you can demonstrate that you are organised, have a great personality and interpersonal skills and the willingness and ability to learn.

You must not have a notice period of more than 4 weeks (unless you are so awesome that we would be willing to let our company start falling apart a little bit before you can start).

What if I really want to be a web designer/developer…could this be a route in?

Well, perhaps, but ideally not really. The Client Manager role is so fundamentally important to our business that we don’t just want to use it as a feeder role for a different job. There will be opportunities to learn a bit of web design along the way, and if you are competent and enthusiastic you could do some updating on websites. We definitely want the incumbent Client Manager to view this as a long term role.

If you are looking for a web design role, we’ll probably have a vacancy for this in the next few months, once we have moved. Perhaps wait until then.

Less Rambling…More Job Details

The role is to be the link between our business and our customers. That means:

  • Booking in customers and managing the calendars of our designers
  • Keeping customers informed of progress on their projects
  • Answering the phone
  • Sending out correct and accurate contracts
  • Ensuring clients have provided sufficient content for their work to be carried out
  • Following up on completed projects with clients

In time you will learn to:

  • Make minor changes to client websites
  • Provide strategic advice to clients on their projects
  • Attend sales meetings for higher value projects (this may take a while)

Everybody in the team is expected to:

  • Contribute to any area of the business that requires help
  • Be actively involved in the development of our company, service levels and products
  • Engage in occasional face to face networking / events
  • Get involved in our online networking / blogging

We work normal hours (9-5:30) and provide normal holidays (23 + bank holidays).

This is a full time, permanent role based in our office in Warwick (we are about to move to nicer and shinier offices but we are staying in Warwick town centre)

Salary depends on the person. Annoying not to have a salary range I appreciate, but if you already understand websites and the internet, and have the same great interpersonal / organisational skills as another candidate, we would offer you more money.

So, if you think you would like to do this role, please send an email with your CV, a covering note and your salary range to:


We will start interviewing straight away and will hold the vacancy live until we find the right person. If you are offered an interview, we will not make an appointment until we have met you.

No Agencies Yet.


Written by thomas

Tom is our Marketing Director, owner and has 11 years internet marketing experience.

3 Responses to We have a really exciting vacancy!

  1. Best job advert I have ever seen, I only wish everyone took that much time and trouble.

    I would be very interested in talking to your copywriter.

    I’m sure you’ll have no problem in finding applicants, I hope you find the right one soon!

    • thomas says:

      Thanks Sharon that’s very kind, and yes, it turns out we have found the most unbelievable replacement already (announcement to follow soon).

      Actually we’ve tried to call you in response to your email, but we’ve not been able to get hold of you yet. Please feel free to call us if you need to speak to us and we’ll keep phone bashing in the meantime.

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